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Singapore Math
Singapore Math has proven to be one of the world’s most effective approaches to learning math. Learn through abstract concepts instead of ROTE-promoted teaching-to-test methodology, your child will see math three-dimensionally. Students learn problem-solving methods such as model drawing, guess-and-check, the systematic method, working backwards, and making suppositions. It is a dynamic, visually-driven program in which students are encouraged to visualize before calculating.

Math Club
Our math teachers strengthen and solidify the math skills learned in the classroom, and make mathematics fun! Activities connect the math curriculum with real world experience, reinforcing classroom work while engaging the students' interests and creativity.

1, 2, Buckle My Shoe: Intro to Math
This prepares young children for the greater math studies ahead, and generates an enthusiasm for numbers and mathematical notions. Using exciting and interesting activities, we find the fun in the basics of counting, telling time, and measurement

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Science ALIVE: Science through Exploration, Observation, and Inquiry!
This program emphasizes hands-on learning, and thus engages the child in a total inquiry-based experience. As a result, students learn to become critical thinkers. Your child won't be bored for a minute, and the range of science that he or she will bring home will delight you. Children become scientific partners with their teachers and gain knowledge and understanding through a process of questioning, hypothesis-testing, and drawing conclusions.

Future Einsteins: Creative and Inventive Thinkers
Future Einsteins is perfect for any student with a curious intellect and an active imagination. Our focus is on classic inventors and the impact of their discoveries, the art of invention and the scientific methodology of resourceful thinking. We explore biology, earth science, chemistry and physics at appropriate age-levels.

Students learn about the structure and post of volcanoes around the world, and how volcanoes shaped life on earth. Using models and pictures, students come to understand the geophysics behind this spectacular force of nature. The second session of the class is built around a group project of constructing a miniature volcano out of Oreos, Coca-Cola, and mints which the class will then blow up (perfectly safe!) and then take home to eat. Ages 7-10, two sessions.

The Sun, Stars, and Planets
This class introduces key concepts of classical astronomy as well as new insights and theories regarding the sun, the formation of stars and their cultural significance, planets, and the structure of the solar system. This is an interactive course which draws attention and interest through demonstrations, pictures, and fun activities. Projects include constructing an outdoor sundial, glow-in-the-dark star constellations, and a collaborative papier-mâché model of the solar system. We promise this class will be out of this world! Ages 7-10, four sessions.

Mysteries of Physics
Mysteries of Physics explores the strange and often amazing applications and theories of modern physics. Beginning with an alternative approach to classical mechanics, students learn different ways of understanding everyday phenomena. We attempt to state and clarify the newest secrets of the universe, among them puzzling results of Special Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, and Subatomic Particle Theory. The emphasis of the course is on the conceptual understanding of physics, as well as on problem solving. A working knowledge of calculus and basic physics is highly recommended, as this is an advanced-level class.

Bridge Building
All engineers have to start somewhere, and this is the ideal place to begin. Students are instructed in the basics of bridge construction and force-transfer dynamics. Groups of students construct a bridge of Popsicle sticks and glue, according to scientific principles. They then hold a friendly competition to see which group’s bridge can hold the most weight. Ages 9-12, two sessions.

After learning the basics of robot construction, students are given the opportunity to participate in a competitive robot-building activity within the context of real-world robotics. The class touches on subjects such as artificial intelligence, robots in art and literature, types of robots, different theories of robotics, and perception and action systems. Diving into groups, students then construct a robot sensitive to touch and sound, experimenting with different wiring architectures to manifest different behaviors. Each group then places their robot in an obstacle course and using sound, steers it towards a finish line, and may the fastest team win! Ages 12-15, four sessions. Extra charge for robotics kits.

Plant Biology and Beans
What are the makings of a healthy plant? What happens when you take away one of its essential needs? This class serves as an introduction to scientific method and investigative analysis, as well as photosynthesis and plant biology. The students plant beans in various environments in which each plant will be deprived of one of its key resources over a course of a couple of weeks. They will be able to observe the effects of each deprivation on the plants’ health. Students take leaf rubbings to learn about leaf structure, as well as engage in a hands-on observation of various root types and cross-sections of different kinds of plants. Ages 8-11, three sessions, spread over a 14-day period (to give the plants time to grow).

Colors and Optics
White light consists of light of every color, whereas black paint consists of paint of every color. These two phenomena will be shown and explained using a suite of hands-on experiments and demonstrations involving (but not limited to) spinning color wheels, prisms, lasers, coffee filters, markers, and diffraction gratings. Ages 7-10, two sessions. Additional charge for materials.

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Foreign Languages
Spanish for Young Children
¡Hola! Designed for young children, this class teaches conversational and basic Spanish language using Total Physical Response (TPR) – a “learn by doing” approach. We explore cultural traditions and practices using everyday phrases, stories, games, and music in our classes.

Conversational Spanish
This course develops the skill and understanding students need to wield Spanish conversationally. Every exercise and Total Physical Response (TPR) activity has students speaking, listening, acting, and learning, and is enriched by studies of Spanish and Latin American cultures.

Intermediate Spanish
Using the TPR technique, this class concentrates on practical communication and cultural knowledge. Ideal for students who possess a background of indtroductory Spanish.

Advanced Spanish
This class takes the next step, confronting language study on all frontiers. Students learn to speak, read, and write quickly and coherently.

Discover the wonders of China! Students learn to speak, read, and write Mandarin Chinese through games, role-playing, and storytelling. Explore the world’s last pictorial language and its fascinating and tumultuous history. Emphasis is placed on learning uniquely Chinese customs in the ways of cuisine, geography, and social conventions.

Konichiwa! Experience the Japanese culture and language using Total Physical Response (TPR). Our games, songs, and activities make learning this beautiful language fun for everyone.

Bonjour! Students learn French language and cultures using the Total Physical Response (TPR) method and other audio-lingual communicative approaches to language acquisition. Activities, games and music will be incorporated to give students maximum exposure to language and culture.

We welcome you to join us on an exciting journey through Russia. We will explore Russian culture and language by singing songs, playing games, viewing films, and telling beautiful traditional tales. Students learn to speak in the first few lessons, and then apply phonetics to learning the Cyrillic alphabet.

Guten Tag! This course presents German in a fun, exciting, and educational manner, that will foster solid oral, reading, and writing skills. Students will learn about the unique landscapes, traditions, and cultures of German-speaking countries through songs, stories, and demonstrations.

American Sign Language - ASL
ASL is becoming more prevalent and necessary in our society, and allows access to a new world of friends and experiences to anyone who tries it! Students will sign along with stories, songs, and everyday conversation. Our experienced teachers make this language fun and easy to learn.

Language Empowerment for Parents
Parents Only
This dynamic course empowers parents in supporting their children who are learning a foreign language. Parents will be given enough familiarity with the given language to be able to instill a love of language in their children. We offer assistance with a wide variety of languages, and can provide books, audiotapes, and other materials so that parents can continue reinforcing the language with their children at home.

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Reading & Writing
Tell Me a Story: Beginning Reading
Our after-school reading program rewards its students in three respects: we build skill, interest, and character. Young readers of all ages develop strong vocabulary and memory, as well as communication skills. As we make reading fun, we use hands-on activities that engage both the students’ creativity and logic. We act out the stories as we read them, approach challenging sentences like a game, and show fun and colorful visual stimuli. In our program, children feel confident and capable as they overcome challenges and decode the world around them. With newfound skill and enthusiasm, students become eager to grow and learn more!

Exploring Fairy Tales: From Snow White to Cinderella
Fairy tales enchant people of all ages. In this course, students read and discuss tales from both classical authors such as Hans Christian Anderson and the Brothers Grimm, to contemporary works and tales from other cultures. Students rewrite these stories in their own words and add their own artwork, thus providing a bridge to original creative thinking and writing.

Creative Writing
This class is ideal for students interested in composing their own poetry, short fiction, and autobiographies. Students enhance their love of the written word as well as practical composition skills through creative exercises, peer critique, and an emphasis on point of view, description, voice, and theme.

Keeping a journal or diary is an exercise that moves and gratifies us profoundly, both for the author and the reader. In fact, there is a monthly magazine (Personal Journaling) completely devoted to this growing activity. Adults and adolescents alike have discovered the personal enjoyment of journaling, as well as its therapeutic and creative value. In this class, students learn about different approaches and uses for writing through varied activities, such as chronological journaling and dream recall.

Budding Poets
Budding Poets is a fun introductory poetry-writing class. Students learn about metered and free-verse styles, and use these in composing their own text. Classes include brainstorming, writing exercises, peer critique, reading aloud, and other special activities that instill skill and technique in expression. We also explore the work of poet-laureates and other well-known bards such as Robert Frost, Nikki Giovanni, Edgar Allan Poe, Maya Angelou, Andrew Fusek—all giving us wonderful examples to emulate!

Introduction to Journalism: The Who, What, When, Where, and Why
Do you dream of being the next editor of The Washington Post, or becoming a high-profile writer for your favorite pop-culture magazine? Students in this class learn the basics of writing techniques, the importance of journalistic integrity, and the dangers of plagiarism in all major media forms. Through group activities, participants learn to design their own magazine, newspaper, or TV copy, and create journalistic pieces to add to their portfolios.

Raising a Reader: How to Instill a Love of Reading in Your Child (Parents Only)
Parents may not realize how great an impact they bear on children’s academic success. Reading experience and capability account for a large part of doing well in all facets of school, from pre-kindergarten through college and beyond. Yet, in the age of video games and the Internet, many children do not enjoy reading and do not incorporate it into their daily lives. This course enables parents to help children turn this around: to succeed in school, improve their vocabulary, score higher on tests, and become more articulate speakers. Some concepts addressed include: reading aloud, how to use libraries, and how to incorporate your child’s interests in his or her reading experience. Open to all parents, regardless of their children’s ages.

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Test Prep
SAT Prep is offered either as an after-school class or on an individual basis (one-on-one tutoring). It is designed for the single purpose of helping students score as high as possible, or significantly improve scores from a previous try.

We focus on the specific verbal, math, and writing skills that are tested by the SAT. Tutoring is available for all three sections of the test; alternatively, students may choose to concentrate on specific sections (i.e. verbal and writing only; math and writing only; verbal and math only).

Our instructors and tutors help students memorize commonly-tested vocabulary words and to learn test-taking strategies essential for succeeding on reading comprehension. We also focus on key algebra and geometry concepts covered on the SAT. By using diagnostic exams, paying careful attention to time constraints, and giving students important test-taking strategies, we simulate actual test conditions. Our goal is to make students feel as confident and comfortable as possible can when taking the actual test.
We provide students with a broad and challenging range of course materials, including dozens of practice problems for each skill set, practice tests, and assessment techniques such as weekly vocabulary quizzes, reading passages, essay-writing exercises, and weekly mathematics technique quizzes.

We encourage parents to participate in the learning process. Our instructors regularly apprise parents of their child's progress. We do not require students to bring specific test prep tools and materials, as all of our tutors and instructors will attend sessions with their own. Nevertheless, if students already have books or CDs from which they want to work, they are more than welcome to use these materials as supplements in their test-prep sessions.
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Our Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) Prep provides assistance and mentorship to middle and high school students who are preparing for this test.

Our SSAT preparation program (available as an after-school class or through one-on-one tutoring) focuses on improving the specific verbal, math and writing skills that are tested by the SSAT. Our tutors help students memorize commonly-tested vocabulary words and learn test-taking strategies essential for succeeding on reading comprehension and other verbal sections. We also focus on the algebra and geometry concepts covered by the SSAT.

By using diagnostic preparatory exams, paying careful attention to time constraints, and giving students high-quality test-taking strategies, we simulate actual test conditions. As always, our tutors’ goal is to make students feel as comfortable and confident as possible when they actually take the SSAT.
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We show you how to obtain the results you need in order to reach your post-graduate educational objectives!

We place the greatest emphasis on helping you to think like the test-makers. Improve your score by avoiding “real” math, scanning the reading passages for precisely the material you’re questioned about, and learning the most effective guessing strategies.

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It's time to earn the high school degree you've always wanted!

In this competitive world, a high school diploma is a must in many fields. Learn the math, language skills, and science needed to earn your Graduate Equivalency Degree. A variety of materials supplements our core curriculum and allows us to match your specific needs.
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The nation’s top Law Schools are in your grasp!

Developed by attorney Dan Sachs Esq. and law school graduates seasoned in LSAT methods, this course provides test-taking strategies, analysis exercises, and comprehensive practice preparation.
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Specialized teachers, including MDs, show you how to score high or improve previous scores. Walk into the exam prepared for success!

Receive in-depth tutoring in Biology, the Physical Sciences, and Verbal Reasoning. Students learn a general overview of the exam, what specifically it tests, and how to think like the test-givers. Students can also identify and develop strategies to address specific trouble areas such as Organic Chemistry or Physics. Receive exam tips and tools to scan for relevant information in problem fact-patterns and reading passages.
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Your ticket to a top business school!
Specialized teachers, including MBAs, will help you raise your score or prepare to take the exam for the first time. Our teachers will work with you to find problem areas to work through and share specific tips for success on the GMAT.
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Work with specialized teachers and CPAs to prepare for your exam!
Invest in your career. Whether you are taking this exam for the first time or retaking a section of it, we can help you prepare with studying tips and exercises on all four sections of the test. Let us customize a success strategy that meets your needs.
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